Acrylic, paper, and recycled aluminum on board

Exile was painted as a gift for my husband, who has always encouraged me to freely express myself and enabled me to pursue my dreams and live to my highest potential. As my tongue in cheek way of honoring his partnership with me (one where I get to have a supportive mate and freedom to grow and breathe) I painted “Exile?” This piece looks at the myths of various cultures that center around the exiled or banished bride, and asks the question as to whether or not life in the great unknown might not be more interesting than life in a castle, or cage for that matter. Perhaps Vashti or Snow White find the confinements of the Kingdom pale in comparison with the adventures of the wilderness. Perhaps Eve finds paradise at the expense of eternal ignorance not as lovely as one might imagine. Maybe Hades and the Underworld are a little sexier than life in the everyday world to Persephone. Maybe it is not Exile at all if She is the one who decides to go. I am glad I don’t have to make the “either/or” choice between confinement and freedom. My husband is glad there are bare breasts in his painting.

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