About the Artist

A native of Southern California, Annie moved to Indiana ten years ago with her husband and two children. She began painting at the age of eleven with her mother, who painted folk art. Following some turbulent teen years and her mother’s illness and death, Annie stopped painting for over a decade. When she began to paint again, abstract contemporary art was what she found most interesting to her as an artist. To her mind, what she paints on the canvas is only half the story; the other half occurs in the dialogue between the painting and the viewer. What someone sees and feels when encountering a piece of abstract art, or the questions that are posed and asked, makes the art live and breathe.Drawing inspiration from nature, diverse cultures, and universal symbols, Annie’s work focuses on the use of texture and color, often incorporating unusual media to achieve a desired result. Heavily textured substrates are layered with color glazes creating a depth of visual effects, changing with variations in light and perspective. Annie adds to her pieces a trademark fine line work, contrasting with the diffused colors of the painting’s background and representing creative energy.

Annie’s paintings exhibit in galleries, corporate offices, state-wide juried shows and Art Festivals. Annie’s aim, as an artist, is to provide her customer with a beautiful original work of art. She strives to create art that:

  • Enhances the lives of her clientele through the enjoyment of owning original artwork.
  • Maintains the highest standards of production from the inception of the piece to the shipping of the completed painting
  • Reflects her care of the Earth through the use of environmentally “friendlier” materials, and reducing, reusing, recycling and re-purposing whenever possible.
  • Moves and challenges the viewer through composition, texture and color.